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How to choose a rechargeable flashlight

There is no need to say more about the function of a flashlight, and a rechargeable flashlight can bring more convenience, but do you know how many kinds of rechargeable flashlight there are? Choosing a flashlight depends not only on the price but also a lot of Look, for example, LED materials, brightness levels, battery types, portability, etc. There are many unknown environmental factors that we need to consider.

rechargeable flashlight M2R Pro

LED material

First, it doesn’t matter whether the flashlight is small, large, tactical or key fob. If it is not durable, then we can also say that you have spent a lot of money on a product that is easily broken or squeezed. Lumen lamps should be made of high-quality, impact-resistant materials to serve users for long periods of time. Choose an LED flashlight made of stainless steel or aluminum. These two materials are the best and will ensure your rechargeable flashlight works for you in the long run.

Brightness level

The main reason people buy a torch is because they want to light a dark place, hunt for something or use it as a form of alert. No matter what kind of lamp you use, having a bright LED light is essential. The brightness level varies by model, so choosing a brightness level with different lighting modes is not essential. Common lighting modes include: Low, High, Medium, Strobe and SOS modes. Rechargeable lights with these 5 modes will allow users to control when and which light is used, allowing the battery to perform longer.

type of battery

Rechargeable flashlight is powered by two types of batteries, which can be divided into removable and non-removable batteries. Removable batteries are those that can be used to a certain level and need to be replaced after a period of time. Although, they have also been charged. Non-removable batteries are built-in and cannot be replaced. A commonly used rechargeable battery is a lithium-ion battery. Built-in batteries are better than removable batteries because they are environmentally friendly and often have a longer life. The most popular battery names are 18650, AA and AAA.

Beam distance

Depending on the use of rechargeable flashlight, wide beam light or spot beam light can be selected. Rechargeable lights are the best and brightest flashlights on the xafs. This is because the rechargeable batteries they use run for a long time and have a longer service life compared to other batteries. If you are a hunter, fisherman, or security officer, you may need a flashlight with a spot beam so that you can view the distance or what you are chasing. But for those who use LED lights at home to search for missing items or look at the backyard, they need broad bean.

Flashlight size

Why did you buy it out in the first place? Is it hunting, edc, camping or hiking? Whatever your use, you should purchase an easy-to-use and operate rechargeable flashlight while performing your own activities. There are different sizes to suit different purposes. For example, if it is used at home, edc or key chain lights are perfect for this job. But if you need a powerful and bright torch, a medium or large flashlight will be ideal for this job. Hunters, fishermen, and hikers need a comfortable flashlight in the palm while providing bright light to observe their goals or destinations.


The rechargeable flashlight should be easy to carry and fun. Because this is a must-have item for camping, driving or even hiking, you should choose wisely. Never let your high lumen light help you when facing danger or facing enemies. Therefore, having a flashlight with you is vital to survival. Choose a light and compact lamp so that it fits easily in a pocket or bag. Some brands are very heavy and discourage users from taking them with them. Make sure you choose the best rechargeable flashlight that is stylish and lightweight so you can use it anytime.

Dust and waterproof

There are natural forces that are difficult to escape, such as the weather. Since you never know when the weather in a place will change, it’s important to buy LED lights that can withstand harsh environments. Choose the best flashlight with water and dust resistance. When dust and water enter a torch that cannot resist them, their lifespan is greatly reduced and may lead to shutdown. In addition, obtaining an impact-resistant flashlight allows the lamp to last longer. Check these features while looking for the best rechargeable flashlight

Additional accessories

Rechargeable flashlight is created by different brands. What might appeal to you might be a forgery against another person. Manufacturers have added extra accessories to the flashlight so they can make them more versatile than providing light. Moreover, some accessories make lumen light more useful and convenient for users in terms of use and performance. Things like pocket clips, chains and lids make carrying and storing LED flashlights simple and secure. Choose a high-quality flashlight with the accessories you need for easy use.


Searchlight flashlight features and application range

Flashlight is no longer limited to the use of general lighting, LED flashlight technology is rapidly rising, coupled with the increasing demand for searchlight flashlight in the xafs, what is searchlight flashlight? What are the characteristics and application scope of searchlight flashlight?

Searchlight flashlight R50 Pro Seeker

What is searchlight flashlight?

Searchlight flashlight is a light-emitting diode with a large rated operating current. The power of ordinary LEDs is generally 0.05W and the working current is 20mA, while high-power LEDs can reach 1W, 2W, or even tens of watts, and the working current can range from tens of milliamps to hundreds of milliamps. High-power LED, as the fourth-generation electric light source, is given the name of “green lighting source”. It has the advantages of small size, safe low voltage, long life, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, fast response speed, energy saving, and environmental protection. It will definitely replace traditional Incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps have become the new generation of light sources in the 21st century. Yage high-power flashlights, Yage high-power portable lights, and Yage high-power headlights use high-power LEDs. Compared with the traditional multi-lamp LED, it has the characteristics of higher brightness, better condensing effect and longer life.

Searchlight flashlight features

1. Service life: searchlight flashlight lamp beads have a service life of more than 50,000 hours;

2. Energy saving: Save more than 20% of electricity than traditional energy-saving lamps;

3. Green environmental protection. The searchlight flashlight lamp beads do not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, and have no pollution to the environment;

4. Safety: impact resistance, strong shock resistance, light emission in the visible light range, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation. No harm to human body;

5. Low light decay rate, can maintain super high brightness for a long time;

6. No high temperature, the lamp cup will not age and yellow. Eliminates the decrease in brightness and shortened life;

7. Start without delay. The led is at the nanosecond level, and it can reach normal brightness when powered on, without waiting;

8. No strobe. Pure DC operation eliminates visual fatigue caused by flicker;

9. No bad glare. Eliminate the glare, visual fatigue and visual disturbance caused by the bad glare of ordinary LEDs;

10. Pure color-The color is produced by the semiconductor PN junction itself, pure and thick; the color is rich.

Searchlight flashlight application range

searchlight flashlight is widely used in special industries, such as oil fields, petrochemicals, railways, mines, and military, stage decoration, urban landscape lighting, home lighting, etc.

Searchlight flashlight works

searchlight flashlight Light-emitting diode (LED) is a solid device that can convert electrical energy into light energy. Its structure is mainly composed of PN junction chip, electrodes, and optical systems. The basic working principle of LED is an electro-optical conversion process. When a forward bias is applied to both ends of the PN junction, the positive charge of the P region will diffuse to the N region due to the reduction of the PN junction barrier, and the electrons of the N region will also The P-region diffuses and a non-equilibrium charge builds up in both regions. Because the minority carriers generated by current injection are relatively unstable, for a PN junction system, the non-equilibrium holes injected into the valence band must recombine with the electrons in the conduction band, and the excess energy will radiate outward in the form of light. The greater the energy difference between electrons and holes, the higher the photon energy produced. With different energy levels, the frequency and wavelength of light produced will be different, and the color of the corresponding light will be different.


3 important points for a good torch tactical flashlight

Although the principle and structure of a torch tactical flashlight are roughly the same as ordinary flashlights, because of the special environment and strength of the use of tactical flashlights, its workmanship, hand feel, structural strength, light spot, corrosion resistance, and ease of operation are much stronger than ordinary flashlights. These 3 points are the key!

olight M2R Pro torch tactical flashlight

1, Torch tactical flashlight attack head

The torch tactical flashlight is different from the ordinary flashlight because of its special environment. It can be used as a weapon to provide protection for users at special moments. Because the head of the flashlight is used closest to the danger source, a jagged structure is often designed in the position of the head of the torch tactical flashlight. We call it the “attack head”. During a close encounter at night, relying on its sharp point to slam the enemy’s head or heart can cause the opponent to lose combat power instantly. If trapped in the car, you can also use the attacking head to break the window for self-rescue. It is also a necessary feature of the torch tactical flashlight of my choice.

At present, the attack head of the torch tactical flashlight is divided into aluminum alloy material and stainless steel material. The use of aluminum alloy material can adopt the same color of oxidation color as the barrel body, without any metal reflection, which can bring more invisibility. The stainless steel attack head has a higher hardness. The two types of attack heads have little difference in effectiveness when confronted with people. The stainless steel attack head with higher hardness will be better when dealing with situations such as broken windows.

2, Torch tactical flashlight switch and gear

As the only component to control the flashlight, the rationality of the switch design also affects the experience of torch tactical flashlight in international applications. Danger often occurs in an instant. When encountering danger, it is especially important to be able to quickly activate the bright position or flash function of the hand electrode. Therefore, a positive tactical switch that can turn on the flashlight instantly is essential. Try to choose a torch tactical flashlight that is turned on very brightly and does not have a memory function to ensure that it is blind when turned on.

A torch tactical flashlight flashlight with a tail secondary button is also a good choice. In non-emergency situations, the secondary button is responsible for gear switching. In an emergency, you can start the flash function with one button. The enemy is temporarily blind and takes the initiative.

3, Torch tactical flashlight lighting effect

Lighting is the most important and primitive function of the flashlight. However, torch tactical flashlight do not need to have good flooding ability or long-distance capability like outdoor flashlights and daily household flashlights. Therefore, the lighting effect of torch tactical flashlight is not suitable for description with lumens, but should be based on the intensity of light shining on the target To describe. It is not appropriate to use a torch tactical flashlight with too high brightness when used indoors at close range. Once the brightness is too high, it is useless. 60LM can have a stimulating effect on the human eye. This, it seems, is not worth the money. In the duty, you can choose a higher brightness torch tactical flashlight to deal with the changing and complex outdoor environment. Prioritizing the use of the middle gear can save more power in non-emergency situations and reduce the frequency of battery replacement.


8 characteristics of patrol searchlight

Patrol behaviors have been developed along with human development. They are mainly manifested as a behavior of walking around, viewing, and alerting in specific areas due to the needs of security and alertness. The patrol activities in the night are more difficult, mainly due to the limitation of lighting technology. From binocular vision, torch lighting, lantern lighting, to torches, to patrol searchlight (portable) designed for patrols. As a special group of lighting products, patrol lighting products have different requirements and standards than ordinary users. With the development of technology and the breakdown of industry products, patrol searchlight has gradually become the direction of enterprise research and development. The technology of patrol searchlight is developing rapidly. Patrol searchlight (portable) has the following important features and serves as a standard for evaluating products:

X9R searchlight

1, light
2, bright
3, Long range and close range lighting
4, Long lighting time
5, Waterproof, explosion-proof, anti-drop and anti-corrosion
6, easy maintenance
7, long life
8, perfect function


Patrol personnel often bear important responsibilities. In addition to patrol searchlight, there are other equipment. For example, border patrol personnel need to be fully armed, and ordinary security staff and duty personnel also need to carry necessary defense tools. This requires patrol searchlight as an auxiliary function. While maximizing the functions it should perform, it should be as lightweight and compact as possible to meet the requirements of patrol personnel for easy carrying and reduce the load. Detective patrol security products are designed for long-term handheld use.


High brightness is the second important requirement for patrol searchlight. Sometimes, this function is even ranked first. Sufficient lighting is necessary for patrol personnel to detect abnormal conditions in time and make correct judgments. The biggest difficulty faced by night patrols is the line-of-sight limitation brought by night. There is no light. Only natural light such as stars or the moon can be clearly distinguished by human eyes no more than 100 meters. It is especially difficult when the environment is harsh. From this perspective, the higher the brightness of the patrol searchlight, the better.

Long range and close range lighting

The sooner anomalies are detected during patrols, the sooner preventive measures can be taken. Medium and long distance lighting is the most preferred choice, which requires the product to focus properly, astigmatism is moderate, and the beam of light is obvious. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the use of medium and short range lighting with a certain level of flood light. The long-range and short-range lighting are suitable to be designed according to the use situation, and the most appropriate balance point is selected. “Super Laser Cannon” series products have rich product lines. There are super laser cannons specially designed for special departments, and small laser cannons designed for general customers requiring high brightness. By using high-power LEDs and large-caliber metal reflectors, The perfect combination of long range and flood lighting.

Long lighting time

Long-term use is an important feature of the patrol process. At present, depending on the type of light source and power source, the lighting time is longer from 2 hours to 10 hours. At present, the main light sources are halogen lamp beads, LED lamp beads, HID lamp beads, etc., among which the LED lamp beads have a relatively long lighting time and are widely used in patrols. Detective series patrol searchlight, lighting time up to 36 hours in working light mode, has a clear advantage in similar products.

Waterproof, explosion-proof, drop-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high and low temperature resistant

These points have different emphasis according to different regions. For example, in areas with heavy rain, waterproofing is a very important factor. In cold areas in winter, whether it can work normally at low temperatures is an important evaluation of the quality of a patrol searchlight.

Easy maintenance

The easy-to-maintain flashlight is not necessarily an excellent patrol searchlight, but an excellent patrol searchlight inevitably puts convenient maintenance in an important position. Convenient maintenance includes: not easy to damage (the whole lamp and components), easy to repair after damage, and convenient maintenance. Good products of the moment are not difficult to produce, the difficulty is that the quality of the products can be kept stable. The current patrol searchlight series products have more or less serious limitations. For example, the lamp beads are easily damaged, and some high-power halogen lamp beads cannot be continuously operated for a long time and are easily burned. Some products use batteries that require regular maintenance. If they are left for a long time, they will cause permanent battery failure. How to implement the patrol searchlight while meeting the requirements of the above points, while handling the problem of the use process is a problem that patrol searchlight production enterprises need to face. After all, customer purchases are not the end of sales activities, and the service has just begun.

Long lifeL

Life is considered in terms of customer purchase and use costs. The lower the customer’s average cost of use, the higher the price-performance ratio, and the more competitive the product becomes. Generally speaking, the purchasing department hopes to obtain the largest number of products with the least cost input. In general, life span includes the overall product life span and component life span. Patrol searchlight, as an electronic product, naturally has a life loss law. How to prolong product life as much as possible and provide timely and convenient parts replacement design is worthy of every enterprise’s in-depth research.

Perfect function

In addition to the requirements mentioned above, the patrol department’s expectations for products are also increasing. In addition to providing excellent lighting effects, additional features have also become the research direction of patrol searchlight design. For example, the red and blue warning signal function of the three detective series, when activated, the light will emit a flashing effect similar to the red, blue and white of the police department, which has a strong deterrent ability. Another example is the SOS international rescue signal function is also gradually popular with the development of technology. The addition of these additional functions makes the boundary between patrol searchlight and other traditional lighting products clearer. It is believed that in future products, there will be more and more practical, special functions designed for patrol departments to meet the individual requirements of this group.


How to choose a hunting flashlight

Hunting, as a traditional and fashionable sport, is slowly entering people’s field of vision. It is traditional because hunting is the means by which human beings live, and fashion is that since humans entered industrial civilization, hunting has gradually disappeared in people’s lives. Nowadays, hunting is more of a recreational sport. At the same time, with the development of technology, modern hunting can also rely on many modern equipment: such as hunting flashlights.

olight hunting flashlights

Many friends have certain misunderstandings when choosing a flashlight. In fact, the requirements of the flashlight in different environments are different. such as:

1, Basic requirements for hunting flashlights: high brightness, long range, long battery life, good waterproof effect and stable performance;

2, Basic requirements for household flashlights: practical, cost-effective, comfortable operation, moderate brightness, convenient charging and battery replacement, and easy maintenance;

3, Basic requirements for carrying a flashlight with you: small size, light weight, moderate brightness, good quality, and comfortable operation. If it is used by women, it is best to have certain self-defense functions, such as flashing, etc .;

4, Basic requirements for spare flashlights in the car: safety hammer function, high brightness, rich functions (such as SOS function), long battery life, preferably with car charging function;

5, Basic requirements for working flashlights: According to different types of work, the requirements of different working environments are different. It is recommended to explain to the seller when buying.

6, there are many categories, such as: night riding flashlights, patrol flashlights and so on.

In addition to the requirements of outdoor flashlights, hunting flashlights should not be too large, should be convenient to carry, and have low-light functions. After all, sometimes the lights are too bright to disturb prey, and low-lights are convenient for approaching or the like.

In fact, there are certain rigid requirements for hunting flashlights. The switch is best at the tail. In addition, the power should be long-lasting, white light is the best, and the range does not need to be too large, but the luminous flux should be sufficient. Holding will not interfere with the action, and can also be used as a weapon, the lamp head with tooth patterns is best.


Do I need to charge the EDC flashlight I just bought?

When we buy a rechargeable EDC flashlight, we can often say in the manual that it must be fully charged for the first time. However, we find that the EDC flashlight is bright before it is charged, so do we need to recharge it?

Many electrical appliances that need to be charged are particularly important when charging for the first time. Not only must they be charged, they must also be fully charged. This is necessary for battery life and long-term use.

rechargeable EDC flashlight

When using it for the first time, please fully charge it. When not in use, you must recharge it within three months of storage;

Please charge in time when the lighting of EDC flashlight is obviously dim, otherwise it will affect the battery life;

Please note: Never use the product while it is being charged.

At present, general LED rechargeable EDC flashlights use lithium batteries. It has no memory effect and can be used with charging. When general LED rechargeable EDC flashlights are shipped from the factory, they will charge to 80% -100%, but the battery will Discharge slowly, the lithium battery has a relatively low self-discharge rate, but with the increase of storage time, the amount of electricity will relatively decrease.

Actually it has a lot to do with the storage time. Generally, the EDC flashlight just bought can be used directly. When the brightness of the LED bulb becomes dark, it should be charged in time. Generally, lithium batteries should not be overcharged or over discharged. At present, some control circuits are better designed and have perfect protection measures, so the maintenance requirements of the battery will be much lower.

The nickel-cadmium batteries produced in earlier years have memory effects and high maintenance requirements. Lead-acid batteries are cheap, but nowadays the batteries of EDC flashlights are mostly lithium batteries.


Daily maintenance method of LED flashlight

LED flashlight is a kind of emergency lighting tool. It is a must-have item for families. It helps us a lot when there is a sudden power outage or when we go out at night. However, the LED flashlight itself is also an electrical appliance. If we do not pay attention to maintenance during use, it will be easily damaged. So how to properly maintain the LED flashlight?

Daily maintenance of LED flashlight for battery

1, When using a strong light LED flashlight, choose it according to the voltage and battery requirements of the flashlight. Do not use it arbitrarily to avoid burning out the circuit board. Do not use batteries of different models and different voltages at the same time.

2, In use, when the brightness of the bright LED flashlight changes significantly, turn off the flashlight to prevent over-discharge of the battery;

3, If the flashlight is not used for a long time, please remove the battery (one month or more) to avoid chemical corrosion.

4, When the bottom cover is facing the photo tube, unscrew or remove the battery when it is off, so as not to break the bottom of the battery and cause the slurry to flow out.

5, When the LED flashlight is equipped with a battery, it must be installed with a paper sleeve, otherwise it is easiest to run out of electricity. After using the new battery for a period of time, you can change the position to extend the life of the battery.

6, Please check the positive and negative poles of the appliance when charging, and do not overcharge or discharge, so as not to damage the battery life (charging time is generally 3-5 hours).

Daily maintenance of LED flashlight for temperature

1, Cooling skills: During the use of the flashlight, heat dissipation must be guaranteed. It is strongly required that when the battery is fully charged, it is best to use the second gear first, so that the lamp head and battery of the flashlight can extend the life of the product! Holding the flashlight tightly with your hands is a better way to dissipate the heat; it is recommended to keep the flashlight according to the heat of the flashlight. The situation should be timely radiated or turned off, and it should be lit after the temperature has dropped to facilitate heat dissipation;

2, Do not place the LED flashlight on the hot pot or near the stove, and avoid soot fumigation, otherwise the LED flashlight is prone to run-out.

3, Generally, the battery stops emitting light at minus 20 degrees, so pay attention to heat preservation in cold seasons.

4, Don’t expose to the sun all the time when the bright LED flashlight is not in use, don’t flash back and forth when not in use!

5, Do not use over voltage, the voltage should not exceed 3.6V, the positive side of the battery should not be placed upside down, otherwise the circuit board will be burned out. Pay attention to controlling the change of the flashlight temperature. Non-professionals should not open the circuit board.

6, Do not place the LED flashlight in the sun or high temperature environment. After the LED flashlight is stopped, please take out the battery and store it in a cool and dry place.

Daily maintenance of LED flashlight for humidity

1, Keep the inner wall of the lamp cup clean. Never wipe it with your hand or a hard object. To remove fingerprints on the lens, use a cotton swab and lens cleaner to wipe it gently.

2, Wipe dry with a soft cloth immediately after using the LED flashlight to prevent the use of rain or snow or the infiltration of moisture and hand sweat. Otherwise, the coating of the LED flashlight will easily fall off or rust.

3, in accordance with the flashlight’s description of waterproof, shockproof, etc., strengthen prevention;

Daily maintenance of LED flashlight for cleanliness

1, Keep the inner wall of the lamp cup clean. Never wipe it with your hand or a hard object. To remove fingerprints on the lens, use a cotton swab and lens cleaner to wipe it gently.

2, Wipe the teeth with a clean soft cloth once every 6 months and apply a thin layer of lubricant.

Special attention to daily maintenance of LED flashlight

1, Do not direct the light of the flashlight into people’s eyes, it is super bright, so as not to affect vision, especially children;

2, When moving the LED flashlight switch, the force must be light and even to maintain the elasticity of the spring.

3, When using the flashlight, check that the threads are not tightened tightly. If the threads are not tightened, it may cause dim or light.


Important points of selecting 4 kinds of outdoor flashlights

The development of flashlights to this day is no longer the kind of rough workmanship that used to be illuminated only for lighting. With the continuous development of glare flashlight technology, design, and technology, the use of flashlights is becoming more and more divided, and outdoor flashlights are one of them.

Let’s think about what scenes we might encounter with a flashlight outdoors: if you want to use your flashlight for search, rescue, hunting, or other activities that require a long range visible range, then you will need a high brightness 1,000 lumens) and rugged flashlight. If you want to bring your flashlight when camping, hiking, fishing, sailing, recreation, I suggest you choose a product with medium brightness (may be 300 ~ 1,000 lumens).

outdoor flashlights

Secondly, I need to consider a few points when buying an outdoor flashlight:

1, Light output: the unit of energy in lumens (LM), which represents the energy set of light from all angles emitted by the flashlight light source. The light output of different flashlights ranges from 20 lumens suitable for reading to thousands of lumens.

2, Beam distance: In meters (m), it indicates the distance from the point of origin of the beam to the point where the brightness is reduced to the minimum safety required brightness.

3, Length of battery life: measured in hours / minutes (H / Min), used to measure how long it takes the light output to reduce to 10% of the rated output of the new battery. This represents the endurance of the flashlight. It mainly depends on the power consumption of the light source, the battery power and the current of the driving circuit. It is the same for any brand.

4, Anti-drop: When the flashlight falls on a solid surface, the degree of damage resistance that the flashlight can achieve. The product must not have any cracks or breaks, and all functions must be sound to pass the test.

5, Water resistance: divided into three levels, IPx4 indicates the waterproofness of the flashlight against splashed water; Ipx7 indicates the waterproofness of the flashlight temporarily immersed in water; IPx8 indicates the waterproofness of continuous immersion in water.

These key factors come from the internationally popular standard ANSI FL1, which is the quality standard used by most flashlight manufacturers. General manufacturers will present these attributes to consumers. Consumers can roughly understand the performance of a flashlight through these attributes.

Wuyou today will analyze the most common 8 kinds of flashlight selection points for the majority of flashlight enthusiasts.

Hiking flashlight

The walking speed is slow, so you generally don’t need too high brightness, but the walking time is generally longer, so it is suitable to choose a light flashlight with a long battery life. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account moderate spotlighting and floodlighting. However, the general captain still needs a flashlight with a bright light and a long range to help the team explore the terrain.

Camping flashlight

Camping flashlight generally does not require a high-brightness flashlight, but because of camping, flood light is better, the range of illumination can be wide, and the field of view is wide. In addition, the battery life is longer. If possible, it can last for 7-8 hours That can last one night best. In addition, there will be some activities or gala in the camping at night. You can wear soft masks, and the lights are the best helpers to create an atmosphere.

Night ride flashlight

The night torch is also called a riding flashlight. Riding is faster than hiking, so the brightness and endurance of the opponent’s flashlight have higher requirements than the hiking flashlight. Cycling flashlights require higher flooding and focusing, which is conducive to operation and clamping. As for the weight, it is not as high as outdoor flashlights, so you can choose a flashlight with a relatively large volume and a high number of lumens.

Hunting flashlight

Hunting flashlights have high requirements for brightness, so that they can clearly observe the movements of the prey. In addition, the hunting terrain is complicated, and the high-brightness flashlight can better grasp the terrain. Secondly, hunting, especially at night, is not a very long sport, so the battery life can be shorter, but the flashlight is required to be strong, drop-resistant, and impact-resistant, so as not to be damaged by mechanical shocks that are later frustrated. Hunting flashlights do not require flood light, but they must be well focused, and the sensitivity of the opponent’s flashlight is high. Point-to-point light can make you more handy during hunting.


Why do you need an outdoor LED headlamp

Daytime is not all about outdoor activities. Many outdoor activities are performed at night: for example, night walks and outdoor cooking require lighting. Compared with common flashlights and mining lamps, a lightweight and portable outdoor LED headlamp has irreplaceable advantages.

outdoor led headlamp

Flashlight is inconvenient-a common flashlight in daily life requires one hand to hold it, and mountain friends often need two-handed trekking poles when hiking. Using a flashlight outdoors will cause a lot of inconvenience.

The miner’s lamp is too bulky-the miner’s lamp is a kind of headlight, which frees the user’s hands, but the miner’s lamp is too large and heavy, which is also not suitable for outdoor use.

Outdoor LED headlamp is lightweight and portable-Outdoor LED headlamp is designed for outdoor activities, which not only can free the hands of users, but also lighter and smaller than the miner’s lamp.

Different outdoor environments give birth to a variety of outdoor activities: single-day hiking, long-distance hiking, camping, cross-country running, high-altitude climbing … In this way, headlights to meet different outdoor needs also appear.

outdoor led headlamp

Led headlamp for single day hiking

Led headlamps are also required for single-day hiking-single-day hiking is probably the most accessible outdoor activity. You can go up the mountain in the morning and stay in the mountains for half a day, and you can get corrupted when you go down early. But if you don’t rush down the mountain before dark, or get lost in the mountains, you need a led headlamp to play a role.

Features of single-day hiking led headlamps——The led headlamps used for single-day hiking need to have lighting, help-seeking and lightweight functions:

Provides lighting in the dark. A properly-lit led headlamp allows you to cope with unexpected night walks.

Can send distress signals to the outside world. When you get lost in the mountains or you are injured waiting for rescue, the strobe function led headlamp can let others find you in time.

Light enough to pack easily. The led headlamp used for single-day hiking should be very lightweight and small in size, which does not pose a burden on mountain climbing during the day. It usually uses a thinner webbing and a smaller battery box design to offload you.

Led headlamp for camping

Camping is inseparable from the led headlamp. The led headlamp used in camping must have multiple gear dimming functions to help you work in the camp. The red light function helps you find things at night, while preventing accidental contact and avoiding power consumption.

Features of the led headlamp suitable for camping-The led headlamp required for camping must have the function of adjusting the intensity of light, preventing accidental touch, and emitting red light:

Ability to adjust light intensity. The adjustable light headlamp can meet the needs of different activities during camping. Whether you ’re hiking, cooking, or chatting with friends, it ’s easy to handle.

It can prevent accidental contact and avoid unnecessary power consumption. The led headlamp with anti-misoperation design often sets a relatively large resistance to the switch, or has a related locking design to avoid the misoperation of the led headlamp.

Can emit red light-led headlamp suitable for camping is best to have red light gear. Using red light to find things in the tent can protect people’s night vision. The advantage of red light is that it does not easily irritate our eyes. After turning off the red light, the eyes will not feel uncomfortable.

Led headlamp for long-distance hiking

Reliable led headlamps are required for long-distance hikes. Camping and rushing for long-term hikes require multiple days of high-frequency use of led headlamps. Collisions, rain and snow weather will test the reliability of led headlamps, and it is difficult to obtain stable supply of led headlamp batteries in remote areas .

Features of long-distance walking led headlamps-The long-distance walking led headlamps should have long battery life, multiple power supply methods, and high reliability.

Long battery life. The longer the led headlamp is used at a certain brightness, the stronger the endurance.

Support multiple power supply methods. In remote areas, AA batteries are easier to obtain than rechargeable batteries. Some led headlamps can use both AA batteries and rechargeable batteries, which guarantees the long-term power supply of led headlamps.

High reliability. It manifests in two points, one is resistant to falling and the other is waterproof. Drop resistance means that the led headlamp is resistant to bumps and will not break if dropped. The waterproof performance of various led headlamps is uneven. In order to choose an outdoor led headlamp that is suitable for long lines, you must know the IPX waterproof index.

IPX waterproof index-IPX is a measure of the waterproofness of electronic equipment including led headlamps. The higher the IPX level of the led headlamp, the better the waterproof performance.

General long-distance hiking led headlamp waterproof level is enough to reach IPX4 level. If a line needs to cross the river and may encounter rain and snow, its waterproof level should not be lower than IPX7 level.

Led headlamp for trail running

Cross-country running, led headlamp affects the success or failure-In addition to being light and waterproof, the led headlamp used in cross-country running should also have an automatic dimming function to help you better observe road signs.

Features of cross-country running led headlamps-Cross-country running led headlamps should have three major features: waterproof, lightweight, and automatic dimming.

The waterproof led headlamp makes cross-country players not afraid of sudden oncoming rain, and its lighter weight helps to achieve better results. Auto-dimming makes it easy to see street signs and roads at night.

Automatic induction lighting technology-the so-called led headlamp automatic dimming is the use of automatic induction lighting technology, without the need to manually switch gears, the led headlamp can automatically adjust the light according to the distance of the scene, whether it is looking at road signs or lighting the road Convenient, this feature is very useful for cross-country runners who are tired at night.

Led headlamp for high altitude mountaineering

For high-altitude mountaineering, the led headlamp must be cold-resistant. During the high-altitude mountaineering, the led headlamp is a must-have item. The led headlamp used in high-altitude environment should not only have the many functions mentioned above, but also need a special battery box Special design suitable for high altitude, such as easy operation with gloves and constant lighting.

The characteristics of high-altitude led headlamps—led headlamps suitable for high-altitude use have a special battery box design, are easy to operate with gloves, and use constant lighting technology.

The led headlamp is designed with a rear battery and a split battery box. These two designs can use the climber’s body temperature to keep the battery warm and improve battery life. The split battery case also reduces the load on the climber’s head.

Easy to operate with gloves. The products are positioned as high-altitude led headlamps, often using knobs or larger push-button switches. In this way, it is also effortless to switch on the led headlamp with gloves, and it is much easier to operate the led headlamp on the snow mountain.

Constant lighting technology. Unlike ordinary led headlamps, which are accompanied by a decrease in brightness, led headlamps with constant lighting technology can maintain the same brightness during use until the power is almost exhausted. Provide good view for climbers from beginning to end.

In addition to high requirements for the design of the led headlamp, high-altitude mountaineering also has certain requirements for the battery of the led headlamp.

Use low temperature resistant batteries-avoid high temperature low temperature batteries such as alkaline batteries at high altitudes, but use nickel-metal hydride batteries, low temperature resistant lithium batteries and other batteries with better performance at low temperatures. powered by.


Olight Best Running Headlamp Array, Let Night Runners Pack Light

For the busy office workers, whenever night falls, they change their serious formal clothes during the day, put on comfortable sportswear, and start a day of “decompression night running.” Array is a lightweight best running headlamp designed for night runners and night riders. It is small and light, with 400 lumens of brightness and 13 hours of endurance.

400 lumens best running headlamp

Best Running Headlamp Array: dual light source design, both far and near

The Running headlamp Array uses 2 LEDs and distributes two light sources through the TIR lens. The output has both close-range flooding and long-range focusing effects, making the field of vision wider and the road ahead brighter.

The dual light sources can be controlled independently and freely selected. When you need a large range of near-ground illumination, you can turn on the left low-beam light separately. When you need mixed far- and near-light illumination, you can turn on the far and near dual-light lights at the same time. (Here left and right direction is the direction when the headlight belt is on the head)

best running headlamp array

Best Running Headlamp Array: Lightweight body, small and exquisite

Array uses aluminum alloy to form an ultra-light body. The size of the lamp head is 45 * 23 * 24 mm. It is only the size of a finger, exquisite and compact, very lightweight. It only contains 124 grams with a battery pack and a headband. It can be said that it is worn on the head. There is no more pressure. The battery pack is located at the rear of the headlights, which effectively disperses the weight and makes it more comfortable and balanced to wear.

Best Lightweight Running Headlamp

Best Running Headlamp Array: Red tail light blinks, safety protection

The 2000mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery used by Array has a simpler magnetic charging interface, which not only provides continuous working time of up to 13 hours, but also has a dynamic red tail light ring embedded. When the headlights are on, the red tail lights on the circumference of the charging disk are also turned on simultaneously. The adjacent 4 grid red lights flash and shift clockwise to chase, reminding pedestrians behind to pay more attention and give night runners an extra safety. Protection. After the headlights are turned off, the red taillights will automatically turn off within 15 seconds.

Best Running Headlamp

Best Running Headlamp Array: Multi-angle adjustment, flexible application

Running headlamp Array head lamp with damping shaft, the lamp head can be rotated up and down 180 degrees, you can flexibly adjust the light angle by turning the lamp head. The lamp head is adjusted up with the hybrid dual-light lamp, which is suitable for long-distance and top lighting. The lamp head is adjusted down and used for the low-beam lamp, suitable for close-range and large-scale irradiation. It is very flexible and can adapt to the needs of various application environments.

Multi-angle adjustment Running Headlamp

Best Running Headlamp Array: Steel wire lock reinforcement to prevent falling off

The battery pack and headlight link cable are made of silicone. The previous HS2 headlights experienced thermal expansion and contraction as the temperature of the application environment changed, resulting in problems such as falling off or difficult to pull out at the link.

Array To prevent such problems, the MICRO-USB connection port of the headlight battery pack has added a ring steel wire lock, which fastens the two parts of the interface to prevent loosening, making it easier for everyone to exercise.

Steel wire lock reinforcement Running Headlamp

Best Running Headlamp Array: headband reflective strip, fade out

Array’s headband has reflective strips on both sides. The reflective strips can reflect light projected from any direction, making it easier for users to be found by the outside world while exercising, thereby enhancing the safety of outdoor activities.

At the same time, considering that the headlights are too close to the eyes, the best running headlamp Array adopts the mode of fading out and gradually brightening when turning on or off the gear, which can effectively reduce the irritation caused by the sudden change of bright light to the eyes.

Best Running Headlamp Array

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